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How to write a killer job ad to attract staff to your shop

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Running your business is tough these days. Customers expect a great service and that great service is provided by your staff. The hospitality sector has one of the highest staff turnover rates in any industry, so to make sure you are consistent in your ability to provide a great service you need to be able to find new staff.

Attracting the right staff is harder these days. There are more employers looking for employees than ever before. This means staff can afford to pick and choose who they work for.

Of course you can just go and offer to pay the highest salary to attract the right staff, but did you know that writing a killer job ad is probably a better option.

The killer job ad will appeal to more people, and those people may be willing to work for you for a lower figure.

So how do you write a killer job ad? Well luckily we've helped write and reviewed thousands of job ads before for our restaurant partners that we support.

Here is what you need to do.

1. Sketch out the things that you value in the person. For a waiter it might be
Friendly, Calm, Likes People, Efficient. Store this list for later in the ad.

2. Create a Job Title. We recommend keeping it simple. Waiter / Barista / Bar Tender etc. Do not be tempted to create a job title like Customer Excellence Superviser, these are nonsense. Once you have your core title, think about the seniority of level and prefix the job title with the seniority, e.g do you need a Head Waiter, Managing Barista etc. For this we'll go with Head Waiter.

3. So far we've not been to exiting, or to killer in our job description. That's fine, we've focussed on the basics and getting those right. The next step is where we start to get "killer". Now write the introduction about your business, but write it as though you a fast moving and growing business (which you are as you are recruiting). Essentially this is the "sales pitch" something like..."A fast growing, restaurant focusing on sourcing local produce and creating the best food experiences is looking for a "Head Waiter".

One of the things we've noticed shop staff are looking for is to work with technology, if your shop offers advanced technology such as a Mobile Ordering App or Loyalty system similar to the one we make at ORDRWare , mention it here. Mention that part of their role will be to help you market this to your customers.

4. Next write a sentence that explains what the Head Waiter will get out of the role, make it feel like they will be part of a family. For example..."As the Head Waiter you will get to work with a friendly team, you'll spend time building relationships with our great customer base and you'll get to be a core part of our team as we continue our growth.

5. Now add a sentence to say what you expect of the staff member. Bring in your list from [1]. So in this example say something like..."As our Head Waiter you will be Friendly, Calm, Like People and Efficient with your work" Fill this out as you like, but keep it conversational. Do not create a big long wish list of requirements. Why? Because the job seekers that are usually good will not apply for jobs if they meet 9/10 criteria, but the pretenders will.

6. The final section of your add is the "money". But don't just focus on the Money. Outline it, but make sure you find other benefits. For example you might say..."As our Head Waiter you will be paid an industry leading package, you will receive a performance bonus and in addition you will get free food for your shift, holidays and training are also part of the package" Training is a key "benefit" and you will attract more recruits if you include it.

Finally add sections to outline any specific requirements, responsibilities and qualifications required.

And there you have it. Put all this together and you have your perfect job ad.

For more information about ORDRWare and how Mobile Ordering can create a more efficient service for you click below.

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