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Are Websites Still Relevant?

10 years ago websites we're all the rage. However in the last few years consumer behaviour has been changing. As more and more of us get mobile phones, we are starting to visit fewer and fewer websites.

Instead, we're installing apps, and we are using them more than ever. It used to be that any new company would design their software first for Web Users and then for Mobile Users. Now it's the other way around.

So how does that apply to your business and your website?

Increasingly more of your customers are using their Mobile Phones and they want to use it to do more than ever before.

If you only offer your customers a website, you are missing out on potential orders. This is especially true if you are a Restaurant, Takeaway or Cafe and you use your website to take orders.

More and more, your customers want to order via their phone, via a Mobile App.

If you need proof, look at Just Eat and their App. The evidence shows 80% of people who use Just Eat or similar will order from the same shop all the time. So why are they using Just Eat and paying upwards for 20% more than going to the shop direct?

Because they WANT to order via their phone. It's easier, its more convenient, so convenient they will pay the extra.

Having a website won't cut it, nor will a mobile website. Customers' brains can detect a mobile website, they are slower, so they won't use them. And those customers are choosing with their fingers, they prefer to use a Mobile App to place orders.

So if you are a food business and you use a website, you are losing out on potential customers, upto 50% infact.

But joining an online platform like Just Eat can cost you upwards of 20% of your revenue. 

Instead you should get your own Mobile Ordering App.

One like the one we offer. It's FREE to get and you pay only the order processing fee when a customer pays via a credit card.

If you'd like to know more, visit us at



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