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Are your customers being hijacked?

There has been a huge rise in the use of Food Portals. Recently many restaurants are questioning the value being on a food portal brings.

One area of concern is Website Hijacking. This is when the Food Portal intercepts customers already looking for you directly and routes them to their website where the customer then places the order with you - costing you upwards of 15% in Commission for that order and future orders.

Here is how to check if your website is being hijacked and how to fix it.

When customers are looking for you directly they will use your business name and enter it directly into google.  The first response from google should be your own website.

To check, just enter your business name into google, see the example below. Look at the web address in the first listing. If it's not yours, your customer is not going to your own website, despite searching for you.

In the example above, the customer who searched directly for the business is going to be re-routed to JUST EATS website. If the customer makes a purchase from their, that customer is going to cost the business upwards of 15% of the order. Hardly fair for a customer looking for you directly?

Once that customer orders from you via the food portal, they will likey re-order form the portal, costing you that expensive commission for every future order, simply from the fact that their internet browser has saved and remembered their history.

So how can you stop this?

1. You can ask your Food Portal provider to stop placing adverts on your business name directly. They should be finding customers not looking for you, not taking the ones looking for you already and intercepting the order.

2. You can introduce your own online ordering platform to take orders directly? Think that is expensive and costly? It's not, speak to us direct at

If your site has been hi-jacked send us an email and we can talk you through the options.


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