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5 Plant Based Protein Foods For Your Menu

Plant based protein food is increasing in popularity. As the world becomes more health conscious, restaurant owners are looking meet the demand of their customers who are looking to cut meat out of their diets.

You can use plant based protein to supplement or replace meat in many dishes. The question is which foods might you want to consider for your menu? Such foods include key vitamins, nutrients and compounds which help the body, mind and soul.

Here is a list of the top ten plant based foods based on customer demand.

1. Tofu
Rich in protein, this soy based food is a great substitute for meat in many dishes. Have you considered its use?

2. Chickpeas
You can eat these hot or cold and of course Chickpeas are the mainstay of the classic hummus.

3. Mycoprotein
A strange one, but could grow. It is a fungus based protein (though some people are allergic to it). What makes it appealing as a meat substitute is it has a high protein content compared to other foods, giving it potential as a mea…