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How A Mobile Ordering App Will Keep Your Restaurant From Closing

In 2018, for the first time in years, more restaurants closed than opened. The reason? Cost. Too many restaurants are finding it hard to keep costs down.  

With more competition out there than ever before, its getting harder to attract more customers.

So the focus is now on maximising profits. 

Which is where your own Table Mobile Ordering App comes in.

Now before we get into Mobile Apps, lets do a simple "Thought Experiment".

How many trips to a table does a waiter need to make for a single course meal? Well the waiter first has to take the menu, they then return to take the order, one more trip to take the food, another to clear the table, yet another when called over to be asked to pay the bill, another trip when they take the bill and finally many waiters make a final trip to take payment when the customer has indicated they are ready to pay. That is a staggering 7 trips per table! 

Now let us think about this same waiter and how he would operate if his customer placed the order via a mobile app. Well for a start there is no need to take the menu, the customer has a mobile ordering app on them after all. Is there a need to take the customer's order? Not when the order is placed on the app and sent direct to the kitchen / bar. Ok the waiter still needs to take the food and clear the table, so that is two trips, but they aren't needed to go and take the bill or take payment. So 2 trips in total.

Wow! So to serve the same customers the waiter using a mobile app can now take 2 trips per table instead of 7!

That is less than 50% of your waiting trips. But the benefits from a mobile ordering app don't stop there, because the customer often feels less pressure to order, orders sizes are typically larger, because you save time serving tables, your staff will spend more time up-selling to customers and if your app comes with a built in loyalty system, those customers are more likely to return to you rather than go to the competition down the road.

Combine all these and that might be why our existing customers have seen a Return On Investment of over 150X, or it might be why some of our customers have seen app revenues soar 30%, or why serving costs have gone down.  

So where can you get a mobile app from, and importantly one that costs a fraction of the usual price?

With us, we'll d
esign and launch your app for FREE. You won't pay us a penny until you've taken your first 100 orders and our monthly fee is so low, if you find a like for like offer that beats us, we'll match it.

Visit our website here to sign up.

ORDRWare - Get a Free Mobile Ordering App


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How to create a Apple Developer Account

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