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How we focus on the environment

How our software can make the world just that little but more green.

At ORDRWare we care about the environment. But rather than just say something about it, we've actually done something about it, that is at the very core of our business. It's built in our DNA and its something we can't change.

When we were deciding how to develop our intelligent mobile ordering platform - a platform that lets us provide local, independent businesses with powerful mobile ordering apps we realised there was an Easy way and a Hard way.

The Easy way meant we could deliver our solution at far lower effort and cost to us. But it meant writing our software in such a way that meant we'd need lots more servers. Servers are the "engines" of any software business, they power the system, the process all the user transactions.

Turns out, its very easy to write software that needs lots of servers. Servers as you might imagine, burn energy. Great software businesses can create just about any software. But it takes skill and mastery in your discipline to write software that meets the business need and also is highly efficient, therefore using fewer servers and less energy.  

This is the Hard way and the route we took.

At the core of our system is energy efficient software built onto something called a "server less architecture". This means our servers only turn on when a customer uses our app, then they power down again. Most companies leave theirs on 24/7.

So with our very efficient code that needs less energy, built onto our intelligent platform that only turns on when we need it. We think we are quite green.

Using our software also removes the need for your business to give away hundreds of paper based loyalty cards. Our system lets you replace these with a digital system. Far more eco-friendly.

And a final way we're green. Our system allows you to reward customers for bringing in their own re-usable cups for coffee orders.

Exactly how we've done what we've done, is company secret. However it's baked into the business, it's built in at the lowest levels of our code sub-routines. We can never change it. 

We're green, and its staying that way.

ORDRWare Team


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