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5 Things to Grow Revenue in your F&B Business

And how you can do all all these 5 things in one go

1. Introduce a Mobile App
Mobile ordering apps have built a reputation for increasing revenue for the businesses that have introduced them. Starbucks's claim up to 30% of their revenue now comes via their Mobile App. Since launching their app Weatherspoons's revenue has grown over £50m. Both of these results are significant. Starbuck's app has been downloaded by over 20m people. Weatherspoon's app has been downloaded by over 2m people.

The evidence is clear. If you want to attract customers to your business, introducing a mobile app will attract more customers.

2. Introduce a loyalty scheme
Nearly every major food chain such as Costa and McDonalds now have some form of loyalty scheme. The reason why is clear. Offering the right discounts makes customers want to return further increasing revenues.

3. Offer Pre-Ordering
Lets face it nobody likes to queue. Allow your customers to pre-order from you, such as the ability to place an order before arriving at your store means they can save time queuing. Do that and you will et more customers.

4. Offer At-Table Ordering. 
Your customers want immediate service. Let your customers order from their tables. The minute they want that coke, let them order it. The second they want that second latte, let them order it. 

5. Offer A Delivery Service
If your customers like your product, but can't get to you, get your product to them, with a delivery service.

At ORDRWare we offer Custom Mobile Apps for your business. Our apps allow you to offer your customers all the features outlined in this article.

Contact us and we'll explain how you can easily add a new mobile app into your customer experience and be benefiting from the types of results Starbucks and Weatherspoon have enjoyed.

+44(0)203 302 4808


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How to create a Apple Developer Account

To deploy your ORDRWare Mobile App, you will need an Apple Developer Account. An Apple Developer Account allows you to have your app available on the Apple App Store.

It's a simple enough process, and once setup your customers can start downloading your fabulous new app.

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