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How we focus on the environment

How our software can make the world just that little but more green.
At ORDRWare we care about the environment. But rather than just say something about it, we've actually done something about it, that is at the very core of our business. It's built in our DNA and its something we can't change.
When we were deciding how to develop our intelligent mobile ordering platform - a platform that lets us provide local, independent businesses with powerful mobile ordering apps we realised there was an Easy way and a Hard way.
The Easy way meant we could deliver our solution at far lower effort and cost to us. But it meant writing our software in such a way that meant we'd need lots more servers. Servers are the "engines" of any software business, they power the system, the process all the user transactions.
Turns out, its very easy to write software that needs lots of servers. Servers as you might imagine, burn energy. Great software businesses can create just about any s…

Which Menu Design do you prefer?

Our mobile ordering technology offers multiple menu designs. However based on customer research, whilst customers do prefer to look at a menu with images cleanly laid out, it can be hard for shop owners who don't already have multiple images of every item, to add them into the app.

So at ORDRWare have come up with 3 brand new designs. Take a look and pick the one you prefer for your app.

Design 1: Modern LeftThis is a modern clean design where the item image and text are on the right and the price is on the left. This works great for menus with images for every item.

Design 2: Modern RightLike modern Left, this is a clean design with some key changes. The image is now on the right and the item text and price are on the left. This design works best where you have a menu with items for some images but not all, as items with no image default to "Design 3" which works in conjunction with this design.

Design 3: Just textThis Menu design is based on making text look as beautiful a…

How to get an Apple Developer Account (if you don't have an Apple Device)

Lets get started
Apple prefer you to have or have access to an Apple Device if you want to open a developer account. However if you do not have access to an Apple Device you may still register for an apple account.

The first thing you need to do is create an Apple ID here

Then log onto the Apple Developer Support website here

Then Select "Membership And Account"

Then Select "Account Access"

Then Select the option for apple to call you.

When they call, explain that

You are the owner of your business and you are purchasing a mobile app from a 3rd party developer. Explain that you do not have access to an Apple Device and ask if Apple can assist you in gaining access to a Developer Account so that you can allow your developer to upload your app for you.
Apple will look into these requests on a case by case basis. Should this not work, please contact us.

How to create a Apple Developer Account

To deploy your ORDRWare Mobile App, you will need an Apple Developer Account. An Apple Developer Account allows you to have your app available on the Apple App Store.

It's a simple enough process, and once setup your customers can start downloading your fabulous new app.

Before you can create an Apple Developer Account you need an Apple ID. This guide will show you how to set both up (if you have an Apple ID, skip step 1)

Here is what you need to do.

Step 1: Click here to Create an Apple ID(Skip this step if you already have an Apple ID). 

Step 2: Click here to Get a DUNS Number for your company. 
Apple require you to have a DUNS number as part of the enrolment process. This is a special identifier for your company. You can either request one or look up your existing one.  

Step 3: Click here toEnroll as an Apple Developer This is required for anybody who wants their own app on the Apple App Store.

Step 4. Complete the enrolment form as an organisation. During this process you will be ask…

How to create a Google Developer Account

Here’s how to Get Started: You need to have a Google Account or email address. If not get one here. Using your Google Account, sign up for a developer account here
Please complete the Google Account sign-up process. 

As part of the process you will need to accept Googles Terms and Conditions and also pay a $25 USD one-time registration fee to Google.
When asked "your Developer Name" is the name used to show customers who you are on Google Play so please make sure you are happy with the name you choose. Adding us as users so we can manage your account  Adding ORDRWare as a user grants us the permission we need to access your account and publish the app for you.  Please follow the instructions below to add us. Here’s how:

Sign in to your Play Console.

Click Settings

The results are in, JD Wetherspoon's profits jump 36%

So JD Weatherspoons recently implemented their mobile app in 2017. As they did the industry waited with baited breath. Would it work? Would it be a gimmick. Would customers really use it.

Well, 2 years later here we are.

£2m downloads36% jump in profitsOver £30m increase in sales Emphatically it worked! 
Mobile Ordering Apps are here, and they are here to stay. So what has the Weatherspoons mobile app shown us.
Customers prefer to avoid queues and will use the app in-steadThe app in itself is a great way to attract new customersTable Service ordering is very popularThe app saves money, serving customers can be upto 80% faster when a customer orders via an app than when they walk up to the bar and order directCustomers using a mobile app are more likely o return
But, implementing a custom made mobile app is surely too expensive for most businesses?
Actually, at ORDRWare we specialise in implementing Custom Mobile Ordering Apps, with all the features you will need without the typically a…

Reduce your bill to food portals

Food portal websites such as Just Eat and Uber Eats can charge huge commissions for the service they offer. Some food portals charge on average 15 - 20% and in some cases more.

They can be a great solution for identifying new customers. However once a customer knows you and keeps coming back, you could end up with a very large commission bill.

One strategy many businesses are putting into play is the use of a food portal combined with their own custom mobile app with a built in points system.

Once a customer comes to your store, inform them that with future orders, if the customer uses your own branded app, they will receive free points. And free points mean they in effect get a discount. One they won't get if they keep ordering from your via the food portal.

And the numbers work too. If you are paying a 15% commission to a food portal for orders, you could offer your customers a 10% discount via a built in discount system via your own app and your still saving 5%!

For the typica…

How to cut queues in your shop?

You have a shop, a busy shop. But during certain periods of the day, or perhaps even all day, you have a queue.
First congratulations! This means you are in demand. You, your shop and your product are a wanted commodity. That queue is a sign of success.
However that queue is also a limitation. New customers see your queue and they choose not to join. Existing customers your regularly queue will quickly jump to another shop if one opens up nearby and finally your queue creates a stressful environment for your staff. 
But what about your queue being a marketing trick, one that attracts customers. Well this is thinking from 1960, modern customers are too savvy for this.

Put frankly, your queue is not good for business. 
So how then do you go about reducing your queue?
Queue Cutting Options 1. You could add more staff. But this will just increase your costs. Not something you might want to do.
2. You could open another shop, but this is incredibly expensive and only useful if the new sho…

5 Things to Grow Revenue in your F&B Business

And how you can do all all these 5 things in one go
1. Introduce a Mobile App Mobile ordering apps have built a reputation for increasing revenue for the businesses that have introduced them. Starbucks's claim up to 30% of their revenue now comes via their Mobile App. Since launching their app Weatherspoons's revenue has grown over £50m. Both of these results are significant. Starbuck's app has been downloaded by over 20m people. Weatherspoon's app has been downloaded by over 2m people.
The evidence is clear. If you want to attract customers to your business, introducing a mobile app will attract more customers.
2. Introduce a loyalty scheme Nearly every major food chain such as Costa and McDonalds now have some form of loyalty scheme. The reason why is clear. Offering the right discounts makes customers want to return further increasing revenues.
3. Offer Pre-Ordering Lets face it nobody likes to queue. Allow your customers to pre-order from you, such as the…