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3 Killer Restaurant Blogs Every Owner Should Know About

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What Starbucks and McDonalds can learn from the BEST MOBILE ORDERING Apps

Mobile ordering apps are the next big thing in the food ordering world. Big brands like McDonalds, Starbucks and Wetherspoon have all implemented mobile ordering apps.

Why Mobile OrderingThey have done this because Mobile Ordering offers two main benefits. 
Reason 1For the Consumer, its all about convenience. The evidence is clear, the easier and simpler you can make the ordering process, the more your customers will order from you. Mobile Ordering apps do that in abundance. 
Reason 2The 2nd reason is service. A Mobile ordering makes it easier and and more efficient for businesses to serve their customers.
So if you can combine a way to get customers to order more and a way to make your service cheaper, your into game changing territory for your business.
That's why big brands like McDonalds, Starbucks and Wetherspoon are starting to use mobile ordering apps.
Mobile Ordering Apps Aren't Only For The Big Brands
It's not just the big brands, smaller companies are joining the revolu…

How to write a killer job ad to attract staff to your shop

Running your business is tough these days. Customers expect a great service and that great service is provided by your staff. The hospitality sector has one of the highest staff turnover rates in any industry, so to make sure you are consistent in your ability to provide a great service you need to be able to find new staff.

Attracting the right staff is harder these days. There are more employers looking for employees than ever before. This means staff can afford to pick and choose who they work for.

Of course you can just go and offer to pay the highest salary to attract the right staff, but did you know that writing a killer job ad is probably a better option.

The killer job ad will appeal to more people, and those people may be willing to work for you for a lower figure.

So how do you write a killer job ad? Well luckily we've helped write and reviewed thousands of job ads before for our restaurant partners that we support.

Here is what you need to do.

1. Sketch out the things…

5 Cheap Marketing Strategies For Your Takeaway

The majority of takeaways typically do the following things to market themselves. A leaflet to tell customers in the local area coupled with the biggest brightest sign they can afford above their shop. These approaches do work, but if everyone else is doing them, how do you stand out against the competition. Here are 5 new ways you can market your takeaway. All easy to do, cost effective and proven to generate you revenue. Number 5 is a real revenue generator! Get SocialIt’s all about social media these days. Easy to setup you can easily and for FREE setup a Facebook page, then setup ads to cover your local area which will let everyone nearby know about your business and any offers you want to tell them about!

2. List your website on other websites for extra traffic. Make sure you setup your website on Google Places, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Why? Because Googles search spiders will see your website on these sites and will rank your site even higher! A great free way to get more cust…

3 Best POS Systems for your restaurant

A Point Of Sale system is the system you use to take orders and payment from customers.  There are many suppliers of a Point Of Sale system, each with varying price and features.

Here are 10 Point Of Sale Providers you might want to look out for.

3.  iZettle

iZettle offer a quick to start model, but they can be a tad expensive. They offer a range of features and you can pay for the ones you need.

2. ToastPOS

Popular POS platform that's based on cloud tech.

1. ORDRWare

That's us, we take a different view to POS systems. We create what we call a Customer Point Of Sale, that is a POS system that your customers uses and is on their phone. E.g an app.

The main benefit of this is that your customers can order at their convenience, whenever they like. That means you don't need to have staff manning normal POS, instead the customer arrives and you  make the food.

To find out more, contact us at

Cash and Carry - A Sign of your success

As a shopper of a cash and carry businesses, you are the key person in charge of your restaurant’s or takeaway’s supply chain. Taking that trip to your local cash and carry is ultimately a sign of the success of your business. Why? Because the more trips you make, the more your business is consuming. However you need the right type of consumption. You don’t want to be ordering more, because there is more waste, you want to be ordering more because you are selling more. So how might you start selling more? Well it’s all about your shops sales and attracting more customers. Today the fastest growing trend for customers is online ordering. Online ordering now accounts for over 50% of all orders placed into UK restaurants and takeaways. If your not online your missing out on vital customers, and hence those extra trips to your cash and carry. Most businesses take to using a Food Portal, someone like Just Eat or Deliveroo. These can work but they are expensive, they take between 20–35% of…

Are Websites Still Relevant?

10 years ago websites we're all the rage. However in the last few years consumer behaviour has been changing. As more and more of us get mobile phones, we are starting to visit fewer and fewer websites.

Instead, we're installing apps, and we are using them more than ever. It used to be that any new company would design their software first for Web Users and then for Mobile Users. Now it's the other way around.
So how does that apply to your business and your website?
Increasingly more of your customers are using their Mobile Phones and they want to use it to do more than ever before.
If you only offer your customers a website, you are missing out on potential orders. This is especially true if you are a Restaurant, Takeaway or Cafe and you use your website to take orders.
More and more, your customers want to order via their phone, via a Mobile App.
If you need proof, look at Just Eat and their App. The evidence shows 80% of people who use Just Eat or similar will order f…